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It all started with an idea, that changed the way we look at construction today. We started with the aim of making the construction simple, transparent and reliable .

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Most customer centric company making Construction absolutely simple, transparent and reliable for everyone

The Engineer’s Consultancy, established in the year of 2008, is a Construction Consulting firm which deals in All fields of Civil Engineering like, Building Design, Building Construction Development, Quantity Surveying, Planning & costing and provide Value engineering solutions to our clients all over the India through Outsourcing model. Started by A. YOGANAND, having 20 years of experience in the field of civil engineering & 11 years of experience in the field of Structural designs. Our work structure involves a series of checks and cross checks in various levels before finalizing the work and approval by operations manager and send out the completed work to the clients with in the given deadline. As a Construction Management Company, we do exactly that we Manage the Construction of a Project from Start to Finish and deal with all aspects of the Project in different Phases.

A. YOGANAND chartered engineer

Areas of expertise: Master in Civil in Construction Technology, Structural Designs, Post Graduate Structural engineering, CMDA licensed Engineer, CRDA licensed structural engineer, Experience: - Massive experience of more than 2 decades in construction, consultancy, in the field of civil engineering especially in Building Construction, Building Estimation, Costing and Quantity Surveying. Accomplished high quality work nationally and currently working for MNC’s as an external consultant. Types of projects completed: multi-storied buildings, Independent Villa’s, residential as well as commercial buildings, Warehouse, urban designing and Gated Communities.

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Enjoyable Construction

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Quality Assurance using our
390+ Quality Checks

Payment to contractor only on
completion of stage.

No Delays - Safety mechanisms
against delays

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Online monitoring

Our Executive Chair Person

I'm Sri Lakshmi Vineela.A, Executive ChairPerson of Navjeevan Homes. By Qualification I’m a Charted Engineer and MBA graduate running a turn- key construction company and Interior Designing with Execution company that specializes in delivering high-quality eco-friendly residential and commercial projects. With a focus on creating lifestyle apartments, condors, bungalows, and flats with a personal touch, we are dedicated to bringing our client's visions to life. I’m here on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn to share my learnings in the construction sector as well as educate people on the same and to connect with people who are change makers of the society we live in. At Navjeevan Homes, we transform your space with a personal touch-work with us to bring your dreams to reality! Feel free to contact me to discuss entrepreneurship, real-estate trends & business. Email me at:

Executive ChairPerson of Navjeevan Homes

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Mulkanoori Suresh

Co-Founder and CEO

Prudvi Raj

Co-Founder and CEO

Prudvi Raj

Co-Founder and CEO

Prudvi Raj

Co-Founder and CEO